Lights and Shadows by Gustavo Petro Winner of the Historic Pact

Lights and Shadows by Gustavo Petro Winner of the Historic Pact

Gustavo Petro was confirmed as the candidate on Sunday. He has been marking the polls for several weeks with favoritism. FRANCISCO PETRO URREGO.pdf (Positions for applicants to the Historic Pact of Pensions and Inclusiveness). The victory in the Historic Pact coalition was won by the former mayor of Bogota as well as the former senator of Republic. He officially became the candidate for President of the Republic and is an ambition he hopes to attain for the third time.

The huge turnout in the consultation made him the most representative member of the Colombian left. He is an excellent candidate to become president, despite his controversial suggestions and views on numerous fronts.

Petro has announced his desire to adjust pensions through the establishment of a public administrator for pension funds that will operate an "mixed and complementing system" along with private funds.

The candidate has stated that in Colombia "we don't have pension systems, but a system of bank profits," so many claim that he would end the possibility of achieving the Presidency. Petro recently stated that he wouldn't eliminate the system, but he would call for reforms to pensions so that they can provide a minimum income for Colombians. Petro also stated that it is not required to raise the pension age.

(Who make up the list of Historic Pact's potential candidates).

Another thing that has been criticized concerning him is the fact that he frequently promises that he will cease oil extraction when he assumes his office. This has created anxiety among investors as well as the market. Experts anticipate that Petro's idea of ending oil exploration would bring Colombia the equivalent of $4.3 billion in losses.

Added to this proposal is to create an anti-oil front in the region and around the world to move away from fossil fuels to which I would like to invite the president-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and the Brazilian Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, among others.

Petro said he recently spoke with the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, about his plan.

His health policy has been controversial as the president insists on stopping EPS and replacing the model with a preventive health model that "guarantees people's rights and not the bankers' profits".

He also questioned the independence of Banco de la Republica. He stated that he was going to make changes should he become President.

Petro asserts that the Bank's Board of Directors is part of a political organization known as the Democratic Center. Therefore, Petro claims, "What we want" is a true independent Bank of the Republic (...). The candidate said this in the middle of an debate.

According to Invamer, Petro leads the decision to vote for the presidential election.

It was also controversial that he suggested to issue money to finance government expenditures.

Petro's plans include an entirely new economic system which isn't dependent upon fossil fuels. It also proposes hydrocarbon extraction. But, Petro places more emphasis on agriculture.

It is also noted that he will propose a tax reform that would eliminate exemptions, as well as change the definition and concept of minimum wage to an actual income-based wage. Petro